Do I give you Meal Plans? NO...

You've seen all these Personal Trainers and gyms selling you MEAL PLANS. They sell you 'bulk' meal plans, 'shred' meal plans, 'fat loss' meal plans and 'stand on your head' meal plans! Let me share the reasons why I don't.

The truth is that someone selling you a meal plan as a product or part of a package is in fact leading you right up the garden path and into their bank account. The only person benefiting from that delicious chicken and broccoli plan is the person that has given it to you.

Firstly, don't think for one second that is personalised! Hell no! That trainer has given exactly the same plan to every other client and charged you a fortune! What's more, its not a plan they have come up with themselves - it is a cardboard cut out that a nutritionist wrote that every other personal trainer out there is giving to their clients. It is a stage competitor plan.

Next, who the f**k wants to live on chicken and broccoli with nothing else 'because it doesn't fit their macros' seriously GET A GRIP. Life is too short! Do you really want to be that miserable? DO you want to be that antisocial? DO you want to end up with such a mental complex because you let one gram of something outside your macro split past your lips? Then deem your self as a failure with no discipline, beat yourself with the shit stick, then push yourself even harder to prove you are 'STRONG ENOUGH' to succeed. DO you really want to have every mealtime separate from the family and never be able to enjoy a social event again? ?

As someone who has tried, experimented, researched and implemented findings, I have come to learn that all you need to understand is your energy balance. However, this isn't completely set in stone, it does take some trial and experiment to find exactly what works for you as an individual, and more often than not people get frustrated going through this process. This is where your trainer should be supporting you, encouraging you and coaching you through the tweaks with consistent interaction until you find that SWEET SPOT! The easy way, however, is to provide you, the client, with a basic, super low calorie meal plan over a short period of time (At the beginning is when you see rapid weightloss anyway) call this a success and use you as a testimonial to their greatness!!

Whilst they are moving on, flogging someone else's diet to the next client - where is the consideration for you? The poor soul who is sick to the back teeth of frikking chicken and broccoli?! exhausted having been on poverty calories, miserable as shit as you are starting to gain weight trying to claw back some normality... not forgetting the serious bridge building you need to do after ruining all of your relationships because you were so down right HANGRY and starving whilst obsessing over your, sorry, some other persons bloody meal plan!

So what do I do? I support my clients through a transition and educate them in understanding how to eat completely flexibly whilst still achieving their results. I support my clients in developing positive relationships with food with a non restrictive approach. Is it a quick fix? NO absolutely not. I provide my clients a learning journey with an approach to food, health and fitness that fits into their lifestyle. Treating each person as an individual, we engage in two way conversation and on going analysis and review. Through this we succeed, honestly and with integrity WITHOUT A GODDAMN MEAL PLAN IN SIGHT.

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