Why choose BootCamp?

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Here is an overview as to why you should choose BootCamp outdoor fitness.

At Miss Jones Fitness BootCamp we take a 360 ° approach to exercise and all round fitness.

At a BootCamp you will find a real team atmosphere, we are all in it together, working as a team and supporting one another. Many of our sessions are designed around working together.

Our outdoor fitness sessions work through a variety of exercise, fitness techniques and training to develop your skills in all aspects. We look at movement patterns, correctional exercise, weight and resistance training, endurance, strength, speed, agilility and power.

BootCamp is adapted for all fitness levels and abilities. Don't get me wrong,

IT'S INTENSE! But, the beauty is, it is complete flexible fitness and adaptable for all. The sessions are full body workouts and a great way to challenge your body and mind. BootCamp is for the strong, the weak, the fit and the not-so-fit. There is absolutely no judgement, we just ask you to turn up with a positive mind and determination to get it done.

The Benefits of BootCamp are astonishing. One thing is for sure you will torch those calories! You will be moving constantly for an hour combining rapid motion, with resistance you can usually expect to burn between 500-600 calories just by attending one hour long session!! By combining High intensity intervals of strength training mixed with individual bursts of cardio which, latest studies are revealing is the most effective way to increase that muscle and torch that excess fat. Mixing up Strength and cardiovascular training is essential in weight-loss - not to mention the health benefits (this is covered in a separate blog)

Even better we are outdoors, in the beautiful park with bundles of fresh air. In the cooler months It may be a little chili when you clock-in but we will get you moving pretty quick sharp and before you know it the sweat will be pouring, the heart racing and the temperature increasing. (-be sure to read my blog on dressing appropriately for outdoor fitness BootCamp) We spend so much of our time indoors, no oxygen, no sunlight skin sapped and parched with central heating (or air-con depending on the time of year. ) Why exercise indoors too when its the time our uptake of oxygen increases? Get yourself out doors and give your body fresh air and oxygen in the plenty.

And Finally, BootCamp is fun. We like fun playlists, lots of laughs and giggles and some serious egging each other on!

Miss Jones Fitness offers flexible solutions tailored around YOUR busy life! A concept designed by a busy full time working single mum who thought 'there has to be another way' You can Pay as you go, buy session passes and subscribe to an All Access

When you become an All Access member of Miss Jones Fitness it doesn't just stop at attending a BootCamp session. As part of your membership you receive food diary analysis, ongoing nutrition guidance and amazing discounts on all other wellbeing services.

Accredited by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) which bases its its training on the proven and successful evidence based OPT model , applying the most current scientific research from the field of human performance and injury prevention.

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