No Fads, just healthy balance....the formula is pretty simple!

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

You will not catch me recommending shred diets to my clients. Neither will you find me promoting express "overhauls" In this blog I share my WHY and reasons for not believing the hypes.

Over the years I have played around with fads, gone through slim downs, tried all sorts of dieting and training for that matter. Before being properly educated and doing my own research I instead relied on what I heard or saw in the news, media or fitness professionals- Yup - you too right?!

Let’s start with food, nutrition, diets what-ever you want to call it (or whatever sexy name the media come up with next) in striped back terms, it’s the supply of our body of what it needs to function. The big topic - PROTEIN they have all covered it, Atkins, Dukan, Paleo, Keto- it has just been a re-branded, re-named FAD high protein, low carb diet. Yes we need protein, no not for energy ( it provides us with some but Carbohydrates and fats provide us with more - that's another blog altogether) we need it for growth and repair. Yes there are claims it keeps us fuller longer and Claims that people on a high protein diet see more rapid weight loss over a short period of time - here's the BUT; over a longer period of time there generally shows no difference. [1] These types of diets are designed for short term - most say so when you go back to the original diet plan - therefore they are fad diets, short term fixes, unmaintainable. WE NEED BALANCE and consistency a healthy balanced diet with carbohydrates, fats and of course, some protein.

Training - body shred workouts, ‘Overhauls’ Transformations, ‘6 week booty Builder’ 8 weeks to flat ABS’ aaargh! I am sick of hearing it! It is a money making short term, unsustainable FAD! We need consistency, continuous, maintainable long term solutions that invest into our bodies bank account. When we focus on just one area, we lose the focus on others, we become unbalanced mechanically this is not good for us. Or the plan is short term, intense and not suitable for long term use. So what happens at the end? Our body composition changes, we start to notice we are not as ‘shredded’ and the onset of the psychological battle begins. A study published in the Journal of Psychopathology investigated eating disorders in nonprofessional performers. Researchers concluded that nonprofessional athletes in sports emphasizing thinness or muscularity, like ballet and bodybuilding, show a high degree of body uneasiness and inappropriate eating attitudes and behaviors. [2] In another study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, The results suggest that male bodybuilders are at risk for body-image disturbance and the associated psychological characteristics that have been commonly reported among eating-disorder patients. [3]

Let's take a look at what happens after these 'shred ' phases or 'builder plans' are over.[4] Here I use stage models as an example, but this is where these plans come from. It is called post competition blues and it is a very serious issue. It begins with the preparation to the big day, the lead up, the anticipation then suddenly it’s over. There is no deadline, there is no MUST there is no discipline. A 'normal ' maintainable way of life has to kick in but what was normal is now twisted, relationships are damaged and life has changed as the result of the obsession. They try to maintain the unsustainable lifestyle they had in the lead up to the big day putting strain on adrenals and hormones and eventually burning out. Mixing 'on plan days with total exhaustion, binges, bloating ,regret and emotional turmoil comes the mental damage, the body Dysmorphia and the eating disorders. Sadly this is masked by a projected image of health, fitness, strength, success and determination.

Admittedly I have never been a professional body builder or stage competitor but I have experienced all of this. This is EXACTLY why I choose balance, consistency and stay away from FADS and SHORT TERM FIXES. I choose longevity, sustainability and my wellbeing physically and mentally. This is why I train the way I do, I live a life that I can maintain consistently. Yes I have year round muscle definition, I'm lean, I have a six pack, I have lean muscular legs, strong defined arms and shoulders, a sculpted Vshape back but most importantly I have balance, I am fit, I am strong, This is what Miss Jones Fitness is all about, this is how I train my clients and what I encourage in them, no short term fixes, no meal plans , just health and wellbeing, the rest comes naturally.

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