What to wear to BootCamp - even in winter?

Some people are put off by BootCamp in the darkest of winter, rain and cold. But with our guide on what to wear not even the toughest weather conditions will stop you!


This is the big, simgle most important thing! Layer up and lots of them over one big thick layer. It traps air and insulates which will keep you warmer in the colder weather, it will also mean you are less restrictive and able to move more freely. Start with a base layer then add on top as you feel you need. Remember as you warm up you can remove layers.

Keep Dry (no we don't mean rain)

A 100% cotton tshirt is the worst thing you can wear next to the skin in cold weather. when cotton becomes wet with perspiration is sticks to the bodyand eliminates the air pockets. You want clothes that allow the sweat to escape or 'wick away' so aim for synthetic material such as polyproelene, wool blend or a silk/wool blend.

A hat

As we lose 20% of our body heat through our heads a hat is a key player. A light weight is ideal, wool or fleece.

A Waterproof jacket

A lightweight breathable jacket will keep the core dry from those winter down pours. That's if it really bothers you. Most people once they get going don't even notice the rain.

Gloves and Socks

Ideally a pair of waterproof gloves and woolen socks to protect the hands and feet.

A face mask

If you are prone to a tight chest when breathing in cold air grab a face mask (i shared a hygge band on my page recently) they are versatile and ideal. Breathing air that has moisture (see my why article)

Running shoes

Your usual running shoes are just fine. Ideally some with some extra grip for when the ground is slippery but dont go spending a fortune, they will get pretty messed up! Take wet shoes off once you get in stuff with news papaer and pop on the radiator to dry out.

That hot shower once you get in after boot camp is simply divine! If its the morning, some warm nutritious porridge or in the evening a hearty veggie filled meal soon have you feeling A OK and raring for tomorrows session!

Don't forget to check my next blog about how I protect my skin at BootCamp and outdoor sessions!

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