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Fit or sport, Fit for life

I believe in using only the finest, purest ingredients, which is why I am using Made for Life Organics. A brand true to their ethnicity and accredited by Cruelty Free International.  Having worked with multitude of skincare and body products and studying the body and its systems I have found an east meets west, old meets new, nature meets science approach is the secret.  This is something I am proud to bring to you, in recycled glass bottles, recycled labels and hand blended here in the UK. 

The science part (don't worry I wont baffle you), the skin is our biggest organ and up to 2kg of chemicals can be absorbed through it each year just from toiletries and skin care products.To me thats scary!

The not so science part, the balms and oils i use are blended  using a unique method of capturing solar and lunar energy during a targeted ‘maceration’, which lies at the heart of each product to provide intense and natural properties.

Combining my experiences from my travels I carefully select the correct techniques for your wellbeing therapy to ensure the treatment you receive is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your body. Not only to the product bring wonderful results but the added bonus of rebalancing the mind, body soul connection. 


Total Chill Out Massage

This aromatherapy massage works on rebalancing the mind through the sense of smell whilst lymphatic drainage movements gently ease away the stresses of the body to create a deeper sense of relaxation

60/90 mins                                                  £60/£85

Deep Tissue Relief

Using firm and deep techniques, the circulation is stimulated to help alleviate muscular tension, stretching and lengthening the muscles and soothing tendons and ligaments


60/90 mins                                                  £60/£85

Detox & Glo

Completely invigorating and detoxing. Toxins are swept away before the body is exfoliated and prepared. Specific, fat melting, draining and firming movements for the ultimate in detoxification and energising.                                   

60 mins                                                        £60


Liftivate Facial

Muscles in the face are re-trained with specific lifting techniques in turn invigorating the cells within the dermis for regeneration and repair.

An intricate acupuncture inspired natural facelift, combining Aryvedic techniques and hypnotic movements.

60 mins                                                        £60

Miss Jones Signature Facial

A completely tailored facial combining powerful organics, drainage, lifting, accupressure and prescriptive techniques to ensure the best results for your needs. Combining years of expertise, sourced from around the world.

90 mins                                                        £85

Total Balance Facial

Eliminating congestion and rebalancing out of sync skin. Carefully selected blends of essential oils re-harmonise the skins' production of oil and restores moisture levels.  

60 mins                                                        £60


Lighter legs

The perfect soothing leg treatment for tired aching limbs. Cooling peppermint energises whilst specific techniques are used to lighten up your legs and  soothe your soles. Ideal for Cyclists, Runners and Walkers. Also pre and post competition.

60 mins                                                        £60

Head space

A mental de-stressing treatment for those suffering with head and neck tension, 'brain fog' and feeling generally stressed out. Working on key areas that grasp tension with specific releasing and relaxing techniques.

60 mins                                                        £60